Biodynamics opens new dimensions to working with nature.

- Clemens Busch, Pünderich/Mosel -

I love cabbage and beets.

- Andreas Gsellmann, Gols/Burgenland -

Vines in balance. Wines in balance. Winemaker in balance.

- Philipp Wittmann, Westhofen/Rheinhessen -

Hand on my heart, I simply can’t do it any other way.

- Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, Kaltern/Südtirol -

The only alternative to improve the quality of my wines and my life.

- Paul Achs, Wien

I’m just not as good as nature.

- Karl Fritsch, Oberstockstall/Wagram -

Bring the wines not only in terms of taste, but also ecologically, to their highest peak.

- Bernhard Ott, Feuersbrunn/Wagram -

On the trail of nature’s secrets.

- Steffen Christmann, Gimmeldingen/Pfalz -

I love playing with a fine blade.

- Judith Beck, Gols/Burgenland -

Simply because it looks totally casual.

- Kurt Feiler, Rust/Burgenland -

I don’t believe. I know.

- Gernot Heinrich, Gols/Burgenland -

With feet on the ground and hands on the vines.

- Johannes Hirsch, Kammern/Kamptal

Why organic? We had everything so well under control.

- Fred Loimer, Langenlois & Gumpoldskirchen/Niederösterreich -

More work? More risk? Less earnings? Accepted.

- Hans Nittnaus, Gols/Burgenland -

Because we want to improve the world and the wine.

- Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer, Gols/Burgenland -

Sharpens my mind, sharpens the profile of my wines.

- Claus Preisinger, Gols/Burgenland -

You cannot explain everything scientifically. You don’t have to.

- Hansjörg Rebholz, Siebeldingen/Pfalz -

Limits are there so that man has something to transcend.

- Franz Weninger, Horitschon/Mittelburgenland, Eisenberg, Sopron -

The only alternative to improve the quality of my wines and my life.

- Fritz Wieninger, Wien

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We seek an open, friendly and professional technical dialogue with like-minded people. In this way we support each other, and educate ourselves together and mutually further. In exchange, and always with a view towards the future.

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