Biodynamic preparations

What they have to do with biodynamic spray agents.

Operating principles
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The preparations are considered "organs" for nutrition, healing and reproduction. They are divided into two groups. On one hand, those prepared from plant substances that are added to the compost are therefore referred to as compost preparations. And on the other hand there are two field spray preparations: horn manure and horn silica.

Compost preparations
Yarrow (502), chamomile (503), nettle (504), oak bark (505), dandelion (506) and valerian (507), support growth, recovery and reproductive processes in different ways, working through the compost on soil and plants. They take over the task of organizing and structuring substances and processes; in particular influencing the metabolic processes of essential elements such as calcium, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, iron and magnesium.

Field spray preparations
In order to bring or hold these forces in balance, we work with two biodynamic field spray preparations: preparation 500 represents expansion and growth, and preparation 501 represents concentration and maturing.

Horn manure (also preparation 500)
Cow horns are filled with fresh, high quality cow manure and buried in the ground over the winter months. The vitality of the winter earth radiates into the content of the cow horns and produces a unique transformation process. This preparation acts accordingly on the soil and plant roots. It builds the soil structure, and promotes microbial life and the formation of humus.

Horn silica (also preparation 501)
This product is manufactured from silica (finely ground very pure quartz), and is also placed in cow horns and buried over the summer months in the earth. The earth takes in the summer sun's heat in this period through its unfolded “plant organs”, and the cow horn takes over the task of "collecting the summer’s energy" which is stored in the silica inside.

In order to bring the forces of horn manure or horn silica into a fundamental bond with water, the preparations must be stirred intensively. We do this by hand in order to also spray our excitement and enthusiasm along with the water into the vineyards.

Horn manure is spread out on the ground, while horn silica is finely sprayed on the vines.

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