How we build up humus – the mother of all life.

Operating principles
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Humus is the mother of all life!

The Background
“You have to know that fertilizing must be part of an animation of the soil, so that a plant does not sprout in dead earth and find it difficult to achieve from its own vitality what is necessary for fruiting.“ (Rudolf Steiner)

Compost is a vitalization agent for the soil: “The Earth thinks, feels and is intelligent.“ We use cattle, sheep, horse and water buffalo dung that we obtain from partners who treat their animals with respect.

The compost heap
The compost heap is built up layer by layer on open ground with alternately straw, grape pomace, reeds, grass or chaff. Moistened with water and covered with straw, the composting process soon starts within.

Compost Preparations
In order to maintain a healthy and vital humus, biodynamic preparations of yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian are added to the compost heap.

What creates humus?
We work the compost only very slightly, if at all, and leave the main work to the earthworms and microorganisms in the soil. The flora and fauna of the soil consist of up to 60,000 different plant and animal species. Humus stimulates this system and feeds it. In addition, it acts as a water reservoir, balancing between humid and arid phases, prevents runoff and stores CO2.

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