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100-60-25-15 | respekt’s St John’s Day Journey Through Time

What a party!
Once a year, respekt celebrates large. That's our St John’s Day Celebration, an important biodynamic weather prediction day around the summer solstice. Among other things, no mowing should take place before then, so that all the grasses and plants can go to seed and the biodiversity is guaranteed.

This year, respekt deputy chairman Fred Loimer invited guests to his very personal time travel celebration in Kamptal. "100-60-25-15" was the title of this year's respekt St John’s Day Fest. In addition to 100 years of biodynamics, we celebrated the 60th birthday of our host, 25 years of the Fred Loimer winery at this location, and 15 years of respekt certification. The illustrious crowd of guests came from all around the world to taste, celebrate, and dance with Fred and us until dawn.

Wine contingent. Our winemakers took their own very personal wine “journeys in time”, pouring one of their wines from each of five different vintages - some of them dating back to the 1990s - as part of a table presentation in Fred's cool cellar. What a great selection!

The two masterclasses by Master of Wine and biodynamics expert Romana Echensperger were also fantastic. She led us twice through 100 years of biodynamics with a view into the future. Twice, so that every winery could present a wine. After all, we already have 36 member wineries! Incidentally, both masterclasses were fully booked in no time. Seeing such interest brought us great pleasure! As always, Romana's presentations were informative, witty, and amusing at the same time.

As it was at this year’s VieVinum, the big discussion topic was: "We all know viniculture is facing major challenges in the face of climate change. Can biodynamic viniculture alone be the solution, or will it reach its limits at some point? Can PIWI varieties, new breeds, and adjusted vineyard and water management withstand the new trials? Or will biodynamics also have to think outside the box and embrace completely new methods?" Some answers were provided on the basis of the wines, some questions had to remain unanswered. Only the future will tell!

» Masterclass_respekt-johanni2024_EN.pdf © Romana Echensperger

» Masterclass_respekt-johanni2024_DT.pdf © Romana Echensperger

The pleasure of time travel. A circle of friends provided a worthy and delightful ambience to the celebration: Celebrity chefs Roland Huber from Esslokal in Hadersdorf, Klemens Schraml from RAU in Großraming and Josef Floh from Der Floh in Langenlebarn cooked up a feast, David Gölles brought his schnapps and Van Nahmen his fruit juices It was completely delicious!

As always at the respekt St John’s Day Fest, the midsummer bonfire was lit at sunset. It was a wonderful moment that encouraged the guests to dance to the groovy sounds that lasted until dawn. Luckily, their hotels were within walking distance, and a cooling stroll finally left them ready for bed.

Thank you to all our partners for their participation, and to all the guests for joining in the celebration! It was great! #respektJohnanni #respektfriends #biodynamicwinemaking

Our partners:
Brauschneider ・ Romana Echensperger MW ・ Band Jonas Gillinger ・ Band Harald Haslinger ・ Roland Huber & Esslokal ・ Josef Flo & Der Floh・ Andreas Hofer Photography ・ Gölles ・ HLF Krems ・ Höllerschmid  ・naber・  Klemens Schraml & Im Rau ・ Point of View / Film ・ DJ Marco Prokopetz ・ Van Nahmen ・ Vöslauer ・ Zalto

Fotocredits: © respekt-BIODYN | Impressions: AndreasHofer. Visits to the wineries: © respekt-BIODYN | private. You are welcome to use the photos for private purposes, for commercial use with credit mention. If you need a high-resolution photo, please send an e-mail to

respekt Johanni Celebration 2024

© Robert Herbst | Point of View

respekt Johanni Celebration 2024 • Impressions

© Andreas Hofer


Visit to the winery of Sandra and Johannes Hirsch, Kamptal | Friday, June 21

A respekt St John’s Day Fest trip through time with Sandra and Johannes Hirsch. They took us on an incredible vinophile tour back in time, serving 15 vintages of Riesling Ried Gaisberg up to 2002. Oh, the splendor and crispness of all the vintages, especially the mature ones! Hats off! Johannes' presentation was also brilliant, and he was a very witty speaker, as always. Then there were five Silvaner Stettener Stein wines from Sandra Knoll of Weingut am Stein in Franconia, who poured them together with her son Vincenz and son-in-law Marius Rau. Silvaner really has something there! The respekt winemaker community is truly colorful. What a fabulous start, thank you!

Winery visit with Ulli and Martin Diwald, Wagram | Friday, June 21

Ulli and Martin's journey through time dealt with the rural architecture in their home village of Großriedental. It was fascinating to hear how the L-shaped ‘Streckhof’ farms developed in this area. As almost everywhere else, the winemaking businesses here developed from mixed farms. After a tour of the farm and cellar, it was off to the vineyards. First to meet Pablo the cheeky ram and his flock, and then to the Eisenhut vineyard. A pure southern-facing slope with burnt loess soil on which our hosts have planted Riesling. Together with Georg Fußer from the Palatinate, they poured a fine selection of their wines. It was hot, and it was absolutely great! Thank you all!

Visit to the winery of Maria and Bernhard Ott, Wagram | Sunday, June 23

Admittedly, we were a little tired after the big party the night before, but that wasn't an issue for Maria and Bernhard, who felt the same way. After an invigorating tasting of their wines, as well as some from Georg Fußer of the Palatinate ( and Rainer Schnaitmann from Württemberg, we drove to a beautiful spot in the Spiegel vineyard. In the meantime, Bernhard's colleague Norbert had fired up the barbecue there, a hill of mighty loess soil with a subsoil of Gföhl gneiss, marine sediment, and old Danube gravel. We made ourselves comfortable in the lounge chairs - with a view over the wine regions in the Danube valley - and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality. The perfect end to a memorable St John’s Day celebration!

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