Fritz Wieninger for Hajszan Neumann
Vintner out of passion

Fritz Wieninger for Hajszan Neumann

The Hajszan Neumann winery is located at the foot of the famous Vienna Nußberg. Fritz Wieninger took the winery over in 2014 from his friend Stefan Hajszan, Vienna's first biodynamic vintner and his partner, the architect Heinz Neumann. With plenty of passion, he produces premium wines with authentic flavor here from 20 hectares of vineyards. The mineral-rich shell limestone and weathered limestone soils of this ancient location add a lot of addi-tional expression to the wine. A line of white wines fermented on the mash and produced without any influencing measures such as fining, filtration or sulfurization, which are sold under the "Natural" name, round out the assortment.

“If one appreciates the vineyard and acknowledges it as the basis of high quality, one comes automatically to biodynamics. Only a respectful handling of the vines allows the production of grapes rich in character as the basis for unique, great wines“

Fritz Wieninger is a respekt member because it is a community of friends with similar visions and views on agriculture, based on shared values.

Weingut Hajszan Neumann, Wien
Wine-growing region: Wien

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