In times of buzzwords such as "climate change" and "globalization", we look positively towards the future.

“Just watch and let it happen“ is not our mentality. We actively help to shape our environment. With the greatest respect for soil, plants, animals and people.

In all of this, we think of our children, our descendants and nature. We create secure livelihoods based on healthy living and working conditions, and treat our employees responsibly.

We respect and care for soil, plants, animals and the relationship with our partners and customers.

respekt-BIODYN is thus ecologically, economically and socially sustainably augmented by the ideas and methods of biodynamic agriculture.

Because we consider all these things, with respekt-BIODYN we are creating - in addition to our 600 acres of healthy and vibrant vineyards - a considerable area of vital habitat and a large number of satisfied employees, partners, suppliers and families.

With these tasks and this goal in mind, we can look well into the future.

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