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Strict principles with individual freedom

With the founding of the association in 2007, respekt-BIODYN enacted their own guidelines. The basis for these are local and national laws, as well as EU regulations (EU-Bio-Regulation (EG) 834/2007 for ecological/biological production and labeling of organic/biological products).

Every respekt member is required to comply with the applicable laws and specific regulations of his home country.

In addition, the biodynamic guidelines developed in the group based on the work of Rudolf Steiner also apply. These are guaranteed by regular monitoring by Lacon in Austria, by Abcert in Italy, by the Karlsruhe inspection team and the GfRS Society for Resource Protection in Germany, and by Biocontrol in Hungary.

Conversion program
All member operations commit to aligning their production with the respekt-BIODYN guidelines. The initial phase lasts three years at wineries converting from organic farming, and two years for companies already practicing organic farming.

To do so, seven programs must be implemented:

  1. Location-suitable production
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Soil fertility
  4. Plant care
  5. Animal life
  6. Dealing with accompanying growth, pests and diseases
  7. General farming methods


The respekt-LOGO

The respekt logo can only be found on wines that have been certified in accordance with the respekt guidelines. These wines are guaranteed biodynamically produced and meet our high quality standards.

Why did we choose this logo?
The circle symbolizes the earth and the closed circle of nature (birth, life, death, composting, new life) but also the "agricultural individuality" of farms (in the sense of a closed circuit and thus the biodynamic basis). The stars and the moon symbolize the cosmos, which affects all life on Earth.

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