Why manual work in the vineyard is so important to us.

Operating principles
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Handwork is primarily brainwork and gut instincts. Handcraft and manual dexterity are the foundations of all plant care measures in the vineyard. The real core of our work, however, lies in being aware of the how and the why.

Which is why we're always alert and committed at work in our vineyards to recognize the needs of our vines. We try to see things from their perspective, in particular regarding the spiritual and psychological effects of the manual care of our vines.

Vine pruning
The respectful treatment of vines and people is the fundamental basis of our actions. This includes the "gentle pruning" (after Simonit & Sirch) because it has important effects on the welfare of the plant.

You must acknowledge the vines’ primal striving towards the sun, and at the same time enable the adaptation to today's popular vine training systems. The right cut is crucial for consistent slow growth, so that the vines can also bring out their best quality, even at an advanced age. We cultivate the vines with passion, expertise, manually of course, and always at the right time. This is critical for their health.

Care of the vines
We clean the stems, pull weeds, shape the foliage, remove shoots and leaves, thin out, ... all done with dedication, high expertise and as quickly as possible. Because perfect canopy management performed in a timely manner is vital to the health of the vines.

As a matter principally manually, selectively and gently! And when necessary, we sort again at the pressing house. It’s the only way to create vibrant wines with character.

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