History of the association

respekt – A biodynamic wine movement since 2007

The first talks about a biodynamic association occured more than ten years ago. They were initiated in 2005 by twelve leading winemakers from Austria, and one from South Tyrol. These were Paul Achs, Judith Beck, Kurt Feiler, Karl Fritsch, Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, Gernot Heinrich, Johannes Hirsch, Fred Loimer, Hans Nittnaus, Bernhard Ott, Gerhard Pittnauer, Claus Preisinger.

This was based on their search for individual quality in wine. The winemakers mentioned above eventually founded the biodynamic association "respekt" in 2007. In 2009, Andreas Gsellmann, Franz Weninger and Fritz Wieninger joined the group.

Their first respekt-certified vintage was presented at VieVinum, Vienna's largest wine trade fair, at the Hofburg in 2012.

The high quality level of their wines, and their biodynamic guiding principles - expressed in their common operating principles and above all in their wines - developed a strong attraction over the years, on the one hand for the international trade audience and the other hand on for their winemaking colleagues.

In 2015, four highly renowned winemakers joined, all members of the traditional German wine growers association "VDP. Die Prädikatsweingüter": Clemens Busch from Mosel, Steffen Christmann and Hansjörg Rebholz from Pfalz and Philipp Wittmann from Rheinhessen. Other winemakers are already involved in professional exchanges.

In 2015, we also collectively introduced the extended association name "respekt-BIODYN" to sharpen public perception.

Three additional wineries were accepted into the association in an extraordinary general meeting at the end of 2016: Dr. Wehrheim from Pfalz (also VDP), Hajszan Neumann in Vienna, (the second Fritz Wieninger winery) and Herbert Zillinger from the Weinviertel.

The brothers Martin & Georg Fußer from the Palatinate joined the respekt group in 2018. Their first respekt-certified vintage will be the 2019.

respekt-BIODYN remains open. To discourse and input within the group, and from outside.

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