In the cellar

Why we let nature run her course in the basement and give our wines time.

Operating principles
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We pick our grapes principally by hand and rely on spontaneous fermentation by the natural yeast population: a prerequisite for an ideal type of regional wine. Some fermentations run "wild" without interference, and these wines require a lot of time to "mature". We work with awareness and sensitivity, obtaining through them wines with character and soul rather than random results.

The barrel:
stainless steel / wood / concrete / clay
Depending on its material, the barrel affects the style of the nascent wine. We know how to use them.

Moon & weather
Both have great impact on the vineyard and the must in the cellar. We take this into account and also quite consciously use the phases here, in order to have to interfere as little as possible in the wine formation.

Every winemaker has his own approach to wine – and that's a good thing. Our wines should reflect the radiance of nature, our operating philosophy and the nature of the vintner.

This results in individual, wholesome wines with complexity, finesse and character. Wines that need time. Time to mature and time to enjoy.

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