Annette & Martin Fußer
Vintner out of passion

Annette & Martin Fußer

The Weingut Garage Caveau in the Palatinate was newly founded in 2022 and has a very special place at respekt-BIODYN. Together with people with disabilities from the Lebenshilfe (Life Aid) winery in Bad Dürkheim, Martin Fußer and his wife Annette cultivate the vineyards "socially and biodynamically". The conviction that this emotionality and honesty not only benefits them as people and as a family, but also adds an extra dimension to their wines, encourages them every day. The winery's first wines will be released in 2023.

„The artisanal, social and family aspects lead, in our winery, together with biodynamics, to the distinctiveness of our wines.“

Annette and Martin Fußer are respekt members because the group sees the big picture.

Weingut Garage Caveau, Niederkirchen
Wine-growing region: Pfalz

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