Mathias, Viktoria & Leonard Schödl
Vintner out of passion

Mathias, Viktoria & Leonhard Schödl

Mathias, Viktoria

The Schödl siblings have spent a lot of time abroad and gathered lasting impressions at wineries in the most diverse regions. In their home village of Loidesthal, they want to show the full potential of this small part of the wine world: This is a place that combines tradition with avant-garde, and where respect for nature enhances quality. The declared premise of their own operation is regenerative management. In order to create such a place, they converted their parents' part-time farm step by step, first to organic and then to biodynamic cultivation, starting in 2017.

„For us, as the next generation, it is important to take responsibility for climatic changes and to rethink ways of working in agriculture. Nature is our most important asset.“

The Schödls are respekt members because the exchange of experiences and knowledge in biodynamics is important to them and working collectively helps them to progress bettert.

Weingut Schödl, Loidesthal / Lower Austria
Wine-growing region: Weinviertel

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