Everything lives!

“Like every living thing, a meaningful philosophy also leads its own life, it breathes and grows, changes and evolves. In this sense biodynamic principles are no exception. The goal of biodynamic agriculture is to produce a healthy balance in soils, plants, animals and people and to strengthen their natural defenses.

How does this work? Biodynamics is anthroposophic medicine for agriculture, a holistic view and an attempt to remedy causes – while modern agriculture is based on the state of knowledge, expertise and technology – and on the other hand to try to mimic naturally occurring interrelationships, and complement existing methods to strengthen the natural defenses.“

Dr. Andrew C. Lorand

Andrew C. Lorand – personal details
Andrew intensivelly advised and accompanied the respekt group in all areas of biodynamics, particularly in the early years. After an apprenticeship as a farmer and winemaker in Switzerland, he studied agroecology in the US and wrote his dissertation on biodynamics. Until his untimely death in 2017, he was a teacher and consultant for many renowned biodynamic wineries in Europe. His spiritual legacy is managed by his wife Kati Lorand.

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Dr. Andrew C. Lorand, Biodynamic Consultant

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