Plant care

How we cultivate our vines with care and strengthen their natural defenses.

Operating principles
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Strengthening natural defenses
For us respekt winemakers, the strengthening of the natural defenses of our vines is of central concern. Healthy soil is the basis for healthy, vigorous vines that are resistant and protected by their own immune response. For example, loose foliage design, application of herbal teas and the use of plant care products are important measures for us.

Teas and extracts
Nature’s pharmacy is diverse and rich in possibilities.

Horsetail contains silicon, and it dries, supports and stimulates. Nettles are the “greatest benefactor in nature,“ they supply iron, nitrogen and calcium and strengthen the immune system of the vine. Just as it does on humans, Camomille has a calming effect on the vines in the heat or after hail, but also after processes that are exhausting for the vine, such as flowering or maturing (after a harvest). We also use birch leaves to provide copper, and yarrow to provide sulfur.
Both have antifungal activity, meaning they are effective against fungi and spores.

Other plant care agents
Baking soda dries and has fungicidal activity, algae extracts also have very good fungicidal effects. Orange and fennel oils, as well as plant care soaps, protect the vines and increase the effectiveness of other measures.

Pheromones are volatile sexual hormones that we use to confuse the grape berry moth, a potential threat.

As pesticides, we use copper and sulfur which deter mildew (mould), Botrytis (grey mould) and also mites.

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