Vintner out of passion

Sven Leiner

The seventeen-hectare Leiner winery is located on barren limestone and loam soil at the foot of the Kleine Kalmit nature reserve, a high elevation in the hill country in front of the Haardt range in the Southern Palatinate. Jürgen Leiner converted the originally mixed farm to a pure winemaking operation in 1974 and gave the winery its name. It has been certified organic since 2005, and due to the prudent, exemplary and forward-looking management of his successor Sven Leiner, it was certified by Demeter without a conversion phase in 2011.

Ten years later, Sven has joined respekt-BIODYN out of conviction. The Kleine Klamit, the Leiners' local mountain, is an element of significance and of their own identity, as well as a central hub for the family.

„It feels really good to work together on, and with, biodynamics.“

Sven Leiner is a respekt member because he feels a strong resonance with the group and its wines.

Leiner Winery, Ilbesheim/Rheinland-Pfalz
The Palatinate wine-making region

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