The ideal wine

"With collective ideas to more individuality" also goes for the cellar

respekt-BIODYN is an ideal. It is a quality ideal of trying to get by in the cellar with a minimum of intervention. Just enough to get the typicality of origin, with the trusted autonomy of the individual we are familiar with, into the bottle. The aim is a wine that is in no way altered!

We pick our grapes principally by hand and rely on spontaneous fermentation by the natural yeast population: a prerequisite for an ideal type of regional wine. Some fermentations run "wild" without influence,and these wines require a lot of time to "mature".

For dry white and rosé wines, however, the addition of pure-bred yeast sourced onsite is permitted if a stuck fermentation occurs. This is only to enable a reliable and clean final fermentation, and only in the case of documented fermentation problems, which may occur due to conditions related to the vintage and variety.

This also applies to the first fermentation of sparkling wines. The bottle fermentation may be started with selected yeasts.

OUR POLICY: In all these cases, only yeasts sourced onsite are to be used!

We avoid enriching the must. In exceptional years, raising the total alcohol by a max. 1% vol. to no more than 12.5% by volume is allowed. In addition, for sparkling wines enrichment is allowed for the bottle fermentation.

The GOAL is wine with moderate alcohol levels, corresponding to the respective vintage and origin!

A responsible use of sulfur and its restriction to the minimum amount required is assumed. Here we are aware that in addition to its microbiological effects, sulfur also has an impact on the style of wine. Therefore respekt wines range from sulfur-free to reductive style wines.

The GOAL is to further optimize the use of SO2 in consideration of the individual style of wine!

Finings are – if necessary – performed only for stabilization purposes, and not for "whitewashing" of the wine. The native yeast is the preferred "fining agent" for our wines, so we give our wines time to mature on the lees and to stabilize

The GOAL is to bottle wine without any interference!

Just as we trust in the autonomy of our members in vinification, so do we in the selection of container. Knowing that steel, wood, concrete, clay or glass influence the style of the nascent wine, this choice lies solely with the winery. It is the same for the selection of the closure of the wine bottle.

In conclusion
Everyone has their personal approach to wine - and we respect that. We do not want to individually regulate every 'ingredient'. For this there are the organic wine laws, which are of course also observed by respekt-BIODYN. For us, however, these laws are a minimum requirement.

In addition, each respekt winemaker is aware that our own - biodynamic - requirements are much tougher and more strictly established, as they must be.

Then our wines should express the brilliance of nature, our operating philosophy, and the nature of the winemaker.

This results in individual, wholesome wines with complexity, finesse and character. Wines that need time. Time to mature and time to enjoy.

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